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Zeke & Pandora:The Stolen King is a RPG Game for Android. Download last version of Zeke & Pandora:The Stolen King + Data + MOD Money for android from APK4PLAY with direct link.

Features :

-Get swept up in a mythic adventure full of charming art and animation.
-Follow the immersive story as friendships are made, loyalties are tested, and betrayals are revealed through over 25 LEVELS OF GAME PLAY including game play dialogue and animated cutscenes.
-MAKE ANYONE YOUR HERO! Build and customize your party members with 10 jobs, over 80 skills, 14 magic books, more than 90 unique weapons, and over 75 potent attribute-enhancing items.
-Train 7 playable characters and master 10 unique JOBS from the spell-slinging Sage to the shape-shifting Animalgus.
-Accumulate charge points during combat and use the Skill Combo System to mix and match powerful ATTACK SKILLS and unleash massive damage on your foes.
-Blast monsters with over 30 magical attacks. Gather the 14 BOOKS OF MAGIC and use them to unlock more and more powerful MAGIC SPELLS.
-Arm yourself! Collect and upgrade your WEAPONS at the BLACKSMITH to customize your warriors to fit with your play style.
-Visit VENDORS who will trade for the gold and materials you won from defeated enemies or was bestowed upon you by grateful quest givers.
-Journey across a perilous land with over 75 freakish MONSTERS and more than 30 punishing BOSSES.
-Unlock the mysteries of the Northern Lands! Optional levels, challenging DUNGEONS, secret TREASURE, and dozens of hidden QUESTS await the most dedicated of heroes.

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