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1. Wanted: Virgin Bride: Zeke Boone is a Wild West rancher who’s having second thoughts about the mail-order bride his brother ordered for him. Then he decides it might be nice to have a woman around the house, to cook and clean – and satisfy his voracious carnal appetite. He’s two hundred pounds of pure muscle, so he figures he’ll easily keep her in line … and in bed.
Maddie Carter is a runaway and a thief. When the town judge announces there’s only one cure for her wayward tendencies – marriage – she flat-out refuses. But it’s too late. The blue-eyed devil has already slung her over his shoulder and claimed her as his own. Can she escape him before he seals the marriage or will the beefed-up cowboy take her virginity … and steal her heart?
Wanted: Virgin Bride is a ridiculous, over-the-top, exceptionally sexy smut-fest set in the Wild West :)
Wanted: Virgin Bride is a novella of just over 11,000 words (44 pages). This ebook also includes Billionaire (Part 1).

2. Wanted: Virgin Lover: Wyatt Boone just spent three months in the gold mines making his fortune. Now, he’s got only one thing on his mind: getting laid as soon and as thoroughly as possible. It shouldn’t be a problem: he’s built, ruggedly gorgeous and has a sexual appetite that’s left many willing women begging for more.
Rosie Cassidy is innocent and unworldly … and very turned on. All the heroes in the romance novels she reads are so handsome and virile. She’s wildly curious. But none of the drunken bastards who hang out at her father’s saloon seem anything like the heroes she reads about. When Rosie learns that she’s inherited half a million dollars – on one condition: she has to be married before she can collect the money – she doesn’t know what to do.
Until the hottest, most virile-looking cowboy she’s ever seen walks in … and makes Rosie’s wildest fantasies seem tame by comparison …
Wanted: Virgin Lover is a ridiculous, over-the-top, exceptionally sexy smut-fest set in the Wild West. It’s a quickie (around 50 pages) and also includes Chapter One of Honey Girl.

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