Just a Good Old-Fashioned Love Story by Dixie Lynn Dwyer (.EPUB)

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A year after newlyweds Amber and Gabe have a daughter, Gabe is killed serving his country. The tragedy affects Amber so deeply she has no choice but to leave her family and a small town that constantly reminds her of the loss she battles every day.
Winding up in Repose, Texas could be a blessing, but being surrounded by men who remind her of Gabe and all the things she lost makes the constant pain continue. Despite this, she makes some good friends and begins feeling an attraction to men she should stay clear of. Thing is, she’s always had a big heart, so her friendly ways and helpful attitude, despite her struggling financially to make ends meet as a single mom, snag their attention and make sparks fly.
When her family asks her to return home and her dead husband’s best friend comes looking for trouble, will the four men she has been trying to push away prove to her that this attraction is real and that love has a way of healing all battle wounds?

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