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Dragon and Elf is a RPG Game for Android.

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Play classic line 2.5 D Side Scrolling mentioned goddess nymph “Il Lucia” to preserve the peace of the land of the dawn.
The battle with “Oldfield’s” god of destruction.
Combined with function transformation. Brings players into a world of magic along the way.
According to legend, the goddess nymph play dubbed “Il Lucia” has created a beautiful land of the dawn come up.
One day, the god of destruction, “Oldfield” has appeared.
He wants to occupy the land of the dawn as their own.
Thus, the War never happened before.
Therefore, to maintain the peace of the land “Il Lucia” has partnered with five major tribes, tribal peoples, tribal dragon, demon tribe, tribal wolf tribal blood and join the fight against evil forces.
And seal the evil god of success.
But 3,000 years have passed Sealing power of the goddess was weakening.
Dragon demon of darkness is slowly waking up.
The war between demons and gods are going to start again …
The game Dragon And Elf is a function of how many that is.
Wing Systems extravaganza featuring more than 30 species, the cute mountain track.
As well as help in time to dabble in the dungeon, the tower’s end.
Tower of self-discipline The unparalleled strength or not, Cathedral Basilica of the war hero, but the hero of the war only.
To be in the temple, dungeon system and World Boss with more than 50 dungeons.

Highlights of the game
• Action RPG realistic movement
• a side scroll fighting
• Combat Systems Weapon upgrades are simple and understandable.
• Items of clothing. And skill-effects extravaganza.
• Every character can be transformed. With increasing skill
• There is little elves to aid in play.

Language Thai.

Mod Info:
1. God Mode.
2. Extremely high Mp/Mana.(16777215 Mana)


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